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To register your child please follow the link below. Once complete, your information will be sent to the administration team who will contact you via email upon receipt. Please also check your junk email if you have not received a reply within 24 hours.

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All information supplied is treated in the strictest confidence. Once your registration form has been received a member of the administration team will be in contact to discuss your childcare requirements.

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All children must be registered with The Big A first, before booking on to our services.

The email address used to register a child should be that of someone with parental responsibility. Where applicable, we also recommend using the same email address for siblings, so that we can calculate any necessary sibling discounts.

These registration details will also be required when using the online booking facility for certain services (e.g. Holiday Club).


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Please indicate which childcare you require.

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For Nursery, we require the national insurance number and date of birth of 2 people with parental responsibility. If only 1 can be given, please state this below.

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As a provider of childcare registered to Ofsted, we are required by law to follow the child protection procedures agreed with the Local Safeguarding Board and Ofsted within our responsibility to protect children.

We will endeavour to share with you any concerns that we may have regarding any injury or specific issues of concern at all times. We will keep a record of such incidents and share this with you. We do have a duty to refer to social services if we suspect your child is at risk of child abuse.

We will inform you if we make a referral to social services unless to do so would place your child at increased risk of significant harm. our first concern will always be the welfare of your child.

I have read the statement on The Big Adventure Club's child protection responsibilities and understand the role and responsibility of the provider.

I am aware that The Big Adventure Club holds a copy of 'What to do if your child is being abused' and I can read this document if I wish.

I hereby consent for my child to take up a place at The Big Adventure Club, according to the terms and conditions set out in its policies and procedures. I have understood the expectations and obligations relating to myself and the club, and agree to abide by them. 

I understand that reservation and payment for places at Morning club and after school club are required at least a week in advance directly with the clubs, the holiday club is reserved online with payment optional at the point of reservation or upon arrival on the day. Nursey fees are payable a term in advance.

Some of the routine activities of the club may involve visiting a local park or short trips, by completing this form I am giving permission for my child to participate in the activities.

In case of any medical emergency, I/we agree to my child being given the necessary treatment until the time that I can be contacted.

In order to comply with data protection and confidentiality regulations, we need to obtain your explicit consent to use photographs, videos, or quotes that may be used to publicise events. They may be used in newspaper articles, magazines, and other media such as posters, digital screens, websites, social media, information leaflets brochures, newsletters on technological devices. If you do not wish to give your consent you are required to email giving your concerns and we will respect your wishes. 

I confirm that the information that I have given is correct, and that's is my responsibility to inform The Big Adventure Club as soon as possible if any of the details are changed. 






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