Little Adventure Nursery

The Little Adventure Nursery places the parents, carers, and children at the heart of all they do. The highly qualified team makes every indoor and outdoor experience an adventure centered around the interests and needs of your child.

About our nursery

Our carefully selected nursery team offer a specially tailored curriculum leading to each individual child’s learning goals and interests. Individual care and attention are what our nursery thrives on and we believe in giving every child the best possible start to their education. We work in partnership with parents and individual support networks in order to ensure each individual child is supported from home, to nursery and beyond.

Our aim is to enhance the development and education of children under statutory school age in a safe, secure, and stimulating environment. The nursery is based in a bungalow, which provides a calming and familiar home from home environment for the children in our care. The rooms include a baby room, preschool room, sensory room, messy room, sleep area, and kitchen. We also have a large garden area designed to enhance your child's understanding of their natural world, as well as covering all other areas of learning. The garden includes a risky play area, climbing frame, mud kitchen, sandpit, small world play, water play, balance beams, tyres, and many more resources to help your child to learn and grow. Our indoor and outdoor environments provide freedom for the children to explore. We ensure that a wide range of educational and open-ended resources are accessible for the children to select from throughout the day, which allows them to follow their own interests and act with independence. We encourage the children to be curious, inquisitive, and active learners by exposing them to a range of learning opportunities and resources, including trips to the local area and educational settings such as farms.

We work within a framework that ensures equality of opportunity for all children and families. The Little Adventure Nursery is registered with Ofsted and contributes to Swindon and Wiltshire’s overall planning to provide education and care throughout the foundation stage.

We provide childcare from 12 months old. Our nursery is also an approved provider for 2, 3, and 4-year-old funding.

Placing the parents, carers, and children at the heart of all we do

We believe in forming strong relationships with our parents and carers. Parents and carers know their child best and have a great knowledge of the care that their child requires to help them excel. The staff works closely with parents and carers to understand the unique needs and interests of their children, ensuring that they have the best chance to succeed in their learning and development journey at nursery.

We follow in the moment planning with the children, which involves focusing on what their interests are and using this knowledge to motivate them to learn through play. The environment is ever-changing to support the children's current interests and the staff use high quality interactions to enhance their development.

Parents and carers gain a unique insight into their child's day through our online learning journal 'Tapestry'. Photos and videos of your child will be uploaded onto a secure website and app weekly, alongside termly reports and special moments. We also have termly parents' evenings and daily conversations at handovers to ensure that you and your child's key worker have the chance to build strong communication. You will never be wondering what your child has been up to at The Little Adventure.

Pre-visits and settling in sessions

We strongly recommend that you visit our setting before joining us. It is a great opportunity for you to meet the staff, observe the children happily engaged in learning and see the setting in person. If you are happy, our managers can arrange settling in sessions for your child. These are 2x 1 hour sessions, free of charge. Settling in sessions ensures your child has the best start to their nursery experience. It is a period for them to become comfortable with their new surroundings and adults before they begin longer sessions.

Sessions and pricing

We offer a range of sessions to ensure our parents and carers have flexibility with regard to work. Our sessions are very affordable and there are no additional costs. Payments must be made before your child attends and any late collection for part of an hour or up to an hour, will incur a fee of £7.

Under Threes

8am-6pm: £45
9am-3pm: £30
9am-12pm: £16
12pm-3pm: £16
Whole week 8 am-6 pm: £210
Any additional hour or part of an hour: £7

Over Threes

8am-6pm: £37.50
9am-3pm: £25
9am-12pm: £12.50
12pm-3pm: £12.50
Whole week 8 am-6 pm: £165
Whole week funded child 8 am-6 pm: £105
Any additional hour or part of an hour: £7

Where are we based?

We are based in Lawn Manor Academy, Salcombe Grove. SN3 1ER.

You will need to turn off Upham Road onto Salcombe Grove. We are through the first set of large green gates on the left. To enter the gates, please press the nursery buzzer, located underneath the school entry system.

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The Little Adventure Nursery is rated 'Good' by Ofsted. You can view our full report here.

Creating inspired, curious and active learners in our high quality environment

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Why you should choose The Little Adventure Nursery

Families First

Our families are at the core of what we do. Families and key workers work closely together to aid your child on their learning journey and ensure consistency between home and the setting.

Importance of Play

Children learn best when they are motivated and so many magical learning moments happen when children are playing. We deliver our curriculum through play-based experiences, ensuring our environment is exciting, engaging and reflects the interests of all children. Our skilled practitioners enter the child's world, getting down to their level and using quality interactions and knowledge of their next steps to support them through play.

Skilled Staff

Our induction and training ensures that all staff have up to date knowledge of the early years and how best to support children. There are lots of training opportunities available to our practitioners throughout their time with us. It is company policy that all staff are trained in paediatric first aid, giving you peace of mind that your child is safe with us.

Motivated Learners

Your child's time at nursery is all about them. Our skilled practitoners and inviting environments enable children to make their own choices and have a desire to learn and engage with new experiences. Practitioners closely observe children and enter their world, acknowledging their interests and using this information to work on developmental next steps. If your child is interested in birds and needs to develop their scissor skills, our skilled staff, quality resources and your child's imagination will enable them to create their wings and soar.

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All children must be registered with The Big Adventure Club first, before booking on to our services.

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If you would like to visit one of our childcare settings, then please get in touch and our qualified staff will happily take the time to explain everything and show you around the setting or if you would just like to telephone one of the team for a discussion about how we can help with your requirements please contact Peter or Tracey on 07832304452/07852222766